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This collaborative is currently populated by the following people, all teaching at Miami University:

cris cheek (English Dept.) is a poet-pedagogue, writer-critic, book artist-publisher, new media practitioner and interdisciplinary performer. He is currently involved in a collaborative project, TNWK, as well as the creative writing program's Meshworks.

John Fink (Libraries/IMS) is a librarian and free software enthusiast interested in cooperatively developed and interactive fiction.

ira greenberg (Art Dept.) is an artist interested in aesthetics and computation, expressive programming, emergent forms, net-based art, artificial intelligence, physical computing and computer art pedagogy. You can see some of his projects online.

william howe (English Dept.) is a poet-critic interested in verbo-visual poetry and experimental fiction. He is co-founder of Slack Buddha Press with L. P. Howe —

lisa phillips howe, in addition to printing activities, teaches at Miami whenever we can convince her to give up some of the time she devotes to creating art. Lisa co-hosted the Miami University post_moot conference Spring 2006.

laura mandell (English Dept.) is a stodgy british romanticist, habitual reader and teacher of dead white guys as well as some women poets and writers (still living virtually), but also involved in digital projects, including, Digital Humanities, the Poetess Archive, and the Romantic Pedagogy Commons


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