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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Laura and I finally had a moment to regroup post Chicago. Both of us were excited by the warm reception(s) we received for our “strange” work at MLA. We decided to continue the journey, but to of course increase the strangeness. To that end, I ran some new google searches today – my favorite being: “natural language grammatical parsers”. This search brought me to Stanford’s Natural Language Processing Group (“SNLP”). If you decided to pass on the link, here’s the key info:

“…algorithms that allow computers to process and understand human languages…”

Does that sound awesome or what!?

What is sooo exciting about this phrase (to me) is the potential it suggests for deeper semantic visualization.

SNLP incorporates both: “…innovative probabilistic and machine learning approaches to NLP…”; this includes the ability to train the system, which is pretty spectacular!! I suspect in some circles this is old news, but to me the possibilities, in regard to my and Laura’s continued pursuits of strangeness, is mind-boggling.

Of course that being said, the software will take some time to understand and integrate in the existing work. Here’s an online version of the parser.


• Please Note: The Stanford parser returns a very abbreviated shorthand of the parts of speech (or perhaps it has been too long since I sat in an English class). Here’s the decoder: