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We celebrated the "birth" of CHAT at a party yesterday: it involved a cake, singing, sliding on water (not ice this time).  Officiating were Glenn, Bettina, Ira, and me.  Appropriate to the theme of "birth," I had invited only those CHAT members and affiliates with children young enough to be infatuated with a water slide.  Unfortunately, that meant that we were without poets and narrativists.  A video of the event marking CHAT's birth is coming.

All the skating and sliding suggests that there exists an as yet unarticulated "rule" for CHATting, that it must somehow involve speed, glide, fundamental elements, and happiness.  Intellectual propulsion will feel effortless but will in fact involve a very skillful manipulation of surface friction.  Have I just described a MMORPG, and could a CHAT tool, or in fact our blog, work as a MMORPG?

We discussed widening the scope of collaborators, trying to get natural scientists involved: any ideas about fostering collaborations of any sort, whether among HA or H,A, and NS?

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  1. um,
    poets and narrativists LOVE sliding on water (or ice or grass or any other number of things. they love sliding.). and then they love writing about it. some of them them then love reading it aloud.

    and some of them love children too. some of them have 11 nieces and nephews.

    just wanted to throw that in there.

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